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Alfa Romeo: If Emotion Made a Car

Alfa Romeo: If Emotion Made a Car

Irresistible Lust Beyond Reason 

The Backstory

Alfa Romeo returned to the U.S. after 20 years and needed to make an entrance. We were selected over 30 top agencies to help her make her presence known first at the LA Auto Show above. We supported the brand launch with a brand manifesto video, brand book, and an experience plan that followed the stages of seduction.


The Idea

To make a dent in the crowded car market, we needed to ‘Create Irresistible Lust Beyond Reason’ for the Alfa Romeo Giulia. We had to both break conventions and bring forward a hidden brand truth that captures the newness of the Giulia from a beloved, legendary Italian brand. What we found that unlocks the DNA of the brand was a quote from over 70 years ago by long-time Alfa Romeo designer, Orazio Puglia (see brief). Creative credit: Kevin Davis & Nathan Monteith 


The Result

We continued to support the launch and rollout of the brand in the US. The resulting sales were robust and steady. The flagship model Q4 with a growling V8 engine sold out nationwide before its release — which was heavily attributed to the grand launch at the LA Auto Show.  The relationship grew to include FCA brands: Jeep and Maserati.

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