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Fractional CMO

My mission is to help innovative businesses become beloved brands.

My brand leadership experience benefits PE & VC companies seeking to effectively invest in marketing their growing businesses ($5MM - $15MM in revenue), so they can disrupt in the modern marketplace, outperform their competitors, and add value to people's daily lives.

Marketing can be a dicey gamble for any start-up, scale-up business. 

In a more fractured and inflated marketplace, investing the right message in the right media at the right time to the right people is more complex yet vital than ever. Coordinating and executing plans built to engage requires leadership, decisiveness, experience, perspective, and focused attention.  


As CMO & Brand Strategist,

I’m closely connected to industry-leading creative talent & agencies.

I've manifested the true value of strategy+creativity+media in breaking through to a desired target. I seek to bring my talents, expertise, and relationships with award-winning, independent creatives to companies making $5MM - $15MM in revenue on the verge of becoming beloved brands.




Seeking to make a measurable impact as a marketing leader with growing businesses. 

As a member of CMOx, I provide structured frameworks, goal-oriented timelines, and clear expectations for companies like yours to get the most from their marketing — so you will see it as an investment and not a cost.



Why go fractional? One reason:

the full-time compensation for

the average CMO is $290K/year.

What many companies that make less than $15MM a year realize is they don’t need a full-time CMO on their business just yet. Instead, they invest in a Fractional CMO who can give them usually 10 hours a week of structured, market-tested approaches that organize your marketing team and align with KPIs and business goals.



Invest more in a hard-working marketing & media plan, and less
in your marketing executive. 

Beginning with a measured, KPI-driven commitment of three months, you have the flexibility to increase, maintain, or reallocate based on performance and clearly defined goals and objectives.

OK, but what's a Fractional CMO?


A fractional CMO is a part-time Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for leading the marketing strategy and managing the marketing department. Fractional CMOs typically work with businesses that need the role of a CMO, but not in a full-time capacity.

A growing number of businesses use fractional CMO services because they don't need full-time support but still require expert strategy and leadership. Small to mid-sized companies often enjoy the flexibility a fractional CMO provides at their early stages when every dollar spent has to add value. A typical full-time CMO salary can cost more than $200,000 per year.

A fractional CMO can be instrumental in building up a marketing function within a growing company, helping hire and acquire talent for the right roles in the right sequence.

The average CMO makes $290K/year

– 2023 Comp Report

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