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KRAKEN is a bespoke independent creative accelerator & brand consultancy focused on helping our clients quickly unlock creative solutions in mission-critical moments for their brands & businesses.

We are a cadre of strategists & designers who have crafted communications and deliverables for many of the world’s most famous brands — selling in strategies that have led to award-winning ideas. 

We work with you to synthesize, organize, analyze, strategize, and prioritize your content, based on your objectives, into an actionable plan — summed up in a deliverable you can be proud to share.


We do so driven by a collective desire to reveal hidden truths behind brands that lead to better business impact with more meaningful action. 


You can think of us as your fixer, deck doctor, content confidant, ghostwriter, or meeting producer. We just ask you to think of us when you need to GET KRAKEN. 



Clients: Highdive, Dentsu, Strange Animal, Rightpoint, Roup, MDK Law,

References and rates are available upon request.

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