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Unleash Your Sixth Sense

The Backstory

Nike dominates nearly every game it plays in — except the fastest-growing team sport in America. While many brands with heritage in lacrosse were thriving with the growing popularity of the sport, like Brine, Warrior, and STX, Nike’s sales were flagging. To turn this around, Nike focused on its core product and introduced the first cleat specifically designed for the sport of lacrosse.

The Idea

Unleash your Sixth Sense. When you run reps until you have dreams of carving up defenses, you have a sixth sense. When you have eyes on the back of your head to dodge away from a trailing stick check, you have a sixth sense. When you wear the new NIKE ALPHA HUARACHE 6 cleat, you have a sixth sense.

Creative credit: Chad Broude and Mark Gross


The Result

Nike’s new cleat tore up the field — many lacrosse stores across the US reported selling out of their stock of the new cleat. But more importantly for Nike, it established a firm position among the lacrosse universe of players.

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