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Chief Marketing Officer
11.19 - 04.20

Joined food innovation start-up on a mission to democratize good food by innovating delicious, nutritious, sustainable, profitable, & scalable products in the food industry.


  • Bolstered position of the company among prospective CPG clients while helping position new brands created in the Nursery, the start-up innovation lab.

  • Codified a new process, integrating teams across entirely different professions, including chefs, scientists, marketers, and clients, establishing an adaptive way of working, and developing new food and beverage innovations.

  • Successfully partnered with R&D teams within companies; developing more meaningfully delicious food options for an ever-evolving consumer.

  • Worked directly with CEO, CIO, and Chief of Staff to pivot from B2B food innovator to serving chef-created RTE meal plans.

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